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Front Load Washing Machine Not Filling Up With Water? 2 Things That May Cause This

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A front load washing machine is a popular appliance for many people. This is because it is easier to put clothes in and take them out. In most cases, this type of washing machine is low in maintenance, but it can still have problems. Below are two things that may be causing this to happen.

Water Inlet Valve

The water that goes inside your washing machine comes from the main water supply for your home. It enters the washing machine via a water inlet valve.  This valve senses when the washing machine needs water during the cycle. The valve may not be working at all, or it could be blocked by debris, such as mineral deposits. If so, the valve will not be able to open and close as the water passes through it.

There is a screen over the opening of the valve. Check this to make sure it is not dirty. If so, remove the screen and clean it using a hose. If you do not know where the inlet valve is located, refer to your owner's manual.

Washing Machine Hose

A front load washing machine has two hoses attached to it, generally in the back. The job of these hoses is to supply your washing machine with hot and cold water, depending on the wash settings. If these hoses become clogged or they are not in good condition, the water cannot pass through them.

This is something you can check on your own. Pull the washing machine out from the wall so you can see the hoses. Make sure the hoses are in good condition and show no signs of cracking or warping. If so, you will need to visit the hardware store to purchase new ones. If the hoses look like they are in good condition, you need to turn the water off for the washing machine. To do this, there is a water shut off valve that you need to turn in the opposite direction. If you do not know where this shut off valve is located, refer to the owner's manual. Once the water is off, remove each of the hoses and look for clogs. If you see any, remove the debris with your fingers, and put the hoses back on. Turn the water back on and try the washer to see if it fills up with water.

If you are still having problems with your washing machine, it will need to be repaired by a professional.